Learn AP Comp Sci


The AP Computer Science A course typically consists of the following content areas:

  1. Primitive Data Types (mostly int, double, boolean)
  2. Objects, Classes, and Methods
  3. Boolean Expressions and Conditional Statements (if, if-else)
  4. Iteration (for-loops, while-loops)
  5. Object-oriented design
  6. Array and ArrayList lists of data
  7. 2-dimensional Arrays
  8. Inheritance
  9. Recursion

Course Materials available on this website

The materials listed here I've developed for use in my own teaching. They are freely available for students and teachers to use.

  1. Worksheet - Encapsulation and Binary
  2. Worksheet - Organizing Files
  3. Worksheet - Files and Folders
  4. Worksheet - Navigating with the Command Line
  5. Review - Conditions
  6. Review - Basic Object-Oriented Programming
  7. Review - Code Tracing
  8. Review - Iterations
  9. Review - Lists
  10. Review - Design Patterns
  11. Review - Inheritance and Interfaces
  12. Handout - the Car class

College Board materials

Online textbooks, references, practice problems

CS Blogs, Podcasts, Twitter accounts, etc.